Framed Baby Photos Framed Baby Photos
Run time: 6:02
Released: June, 2012
Synopsis: A strange man sells baby photographs to suspicious shoppers. The photos they purchase will change their lives, maybe.
Strange Human Custom Strange Human Custom
Run time: 6:56
Released: August, 2011
Synopsis: Not only is he an alien, but he's rude too.
Signatures Signatures
Run time: 7:02
Released: April, 2010
Synopsis: One volunteer collects signatures for the good of the cause while the other is just in it for the free coupons.
Creepy Crawlers Attack America Creepy Crawlers Attack America
Run time: 8:53
Released: August, 2008
Synopsis: Jim must avenge his wife's death by killing a giant snake.
Gene Kelly's Downstairs Neighbor Gene Kelly's Downstairs Neighbor
Run time: 2:28
Released: July, 2008
Synopsis: Gene Kelly is a noisy neighbor.
Coffee Mug Coffee Mug
Run time: 3:31
Released: October, 2007
Synopsis: It's about a coffee mug.
Miguel and His Three Dead Wives Miguel and His Three Dead Wives
Run time: 10:05
Released: July, 2007
Synopsis: Miguel had three wives.
Thanksgetting, a Real Band Thanksgetting, a Real Band
Run time: 18:06
Released: July, 2006
Synopsis: Two college students try to interview their favorite band and things go poorly.
One on One One on One
Run time: 7:42
Released: February, 2006
Synopsis: One man's efforts to gear up for the big tournamanet.
Why is Tom in My House? Why is Tom in My House?
Run time: 4:05
Released: January, 2006
Synopsis: For what reason could Tom be in the house?
Promotion Promotion
Run time: 15:09
Released: August, 2005
Synopsis: Dan attempts to cordially deny a new job offer despite Mr. Johnson's incessant pleas to do otherwise.
Student for Change Student for Change
Run time: 14:15
Released: June, 2005
Synopsis: A single day in the life of a below-average, socially misguided 20-year-old at UC Santa Cruz.
Improv and I Improv and I
Run time: 6:29
Released: June, 2005
Synopsis: This movie illustrates my fondness for improv comedy.
Bad Woods Bad Woods
Run time: 4:31
Released: May, 2005
Synopsis: The woods aren't safe for running.
Social Justice and Cummunity Social Justice and Community
Run time: 4:23
Released: April, 2005
Synopsis: The community has come together to celebrate!
A Friendly Negotiation A Friendly Negotiation
Run time: 11:50
Released: April, 2004
Synopsis: Gabe is an unpaid intern working for God.
Computer Die Computer Die
Run time: 9:28
Released: August, 2003
Synopsis: Larry and his older brother just don't get along.
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